The Town Board has taken many strides over the year to address the needs of our community‚̧  Please read below for Board updates:


We are working hard to upgrade our current online website to provide our residents with quicker methods to sign up for park passes, classes, events, and programs offered by the Town.  Please watch for email updates for more information.


We are finalizing the NEW Recreation building for our community!  The new center will provide a space for extended hours for Camp Rez, a variety of ongoing programs throughout the year, and a space to host meetings, community events, or private venues.  We are excited about the possibilities this will offer our families!  Please check email for updates!


Seeking programs for your teens?  Well look no more!  If your family has an interest or need, please contact Fran or Joey at Parks.


In November, I surveyed facebook residents to determine the interest in starting an art council for our community.  

This month, a meeting was hosted by Town for artists in our community to discuss ideas.  

If you are an artist (painter,  sculptor, photographer, creative designer etc) please contact the Supervisor's office or visit our website to email a request to be added on our council!


Spring is here and our furry friends are so excited to join the outdoors for extended play!  

We are excited to announce that Brandon, a member of our local Boys Scout troop, will be giving our play apparatus a much needed facelift!!!

For more info about the community dog park, visit Woodbury's Dog Park Facebook page!


The Town and Village boards have been supporters of the Intermunicipal Water Council since inception.  

This council provides research and information to local municipalities and scientists that help local representatives protect our water!  

Woodbury has been chosen to be the first of many sites to host an educational kiosk that provides information about our local bodies of water and natural environment.  

Jared, a member of our local Boys Scout troop, will be erecting the kiosk, under the guidance of Building and Grounds, near Earl Reservoir this spring.  


One of my passions for our community is to preserve our beautiful environment.  

From protecting our resources to renewable energy, Woodbury can become a leader in our. region by taking simple steps towards addressing our energy supply and use patterns.

Some areas of focus are:

  1. Solar light posts at parks;
  2. Potential solar farm at Gasho property for revenue and offset energy costs for town;
  3. Renewable energy system to heat Town buildings;
  4. Aggregated energy for municipality and residents to lower energy bill for all;
  5. Collaboration with the Village to become Climate Smart Certified to provide us with opportunity to obtain grants to cover cost of replacing street lighting.

Saving tax payer money while preserving our environment sounds like a win-win for everyone!


If you have not heard yet, Town Hall has moved to 615 Route 32, Highland Mills NY.

In an effort to address the needs of the Town departments and avoid high cost burdens for the tax payer, we have leased in Woodbury to upgrade services while keeping costs down.  


We are pleased to announce that our court is now located on the first floor of the former Town hall.

The courts are now ADA Compliant and provide our judges and visitors with space for conferences, deliberation, and counsel. 


Our Police department is finally back to full staff with exceptional officers and an additional K9 officer.  Under the command of Chief  Watson, our department continues to meet the needs of our community, Monroe Woodbury School District, Woodbury Commons, and neighboring police departments.  

We are proud of the line of defense this department provides to our community.


Under the guidance of our Director Sara Johnson, we have seen great improvements in both of our libraries over the past year. 

The Central Valley branch experienced a make over that included ADA compliance, new paint job, reorganization of space, and new technology!  

In addition, new programs have been initiated including bilingual and Adult programs.  

We are proud of our libraries and encourage our families to go visit and pick up a book!


Our Senior center continues to provide a space and engaging program for our senior community.  From Broadway plays, to knitting groups,  the programs offered are diverse and provide a wonderful resource to our community!


For those who have watched our furry friends struggle without homes, our Animal control department continues to meet the needs of animals in our community.

From finding new forever homes, to caring daily for their needs, the Animal control department provides needed services to our community by ensuring our safety and care for animals in need.  


B&G makes it all happen.  This department works endlessly to fix, build, maintain, clean, salt, remove, put up, take down.....the list is endless.  They are the department that no one "sees" but everyone needs.  I salute B&G for all of the well done jobs performed behind the scenes.


These departments are the fine oiled machines of our town.  Their work ethic is beyond compare and their precision continues to put Woodbury on the map as one of the best representatives to work with across our state.

The Town Clerk and Assessor provide invaluable services and we appreciate all that they do.  


This year, we have several contracts that we are finalizing.  Our Town employees work hard for our community.  

They are the unsung heroes who keep our town moving despite who is in office.  We are working to provide a contract that we can all live with!


The Town had reached out to the Village to begin talks to resolve the current litigation.  

A meeting will be held at the Village on monday, 25th at 7pm.  Public will be able to attend with no comments or interaction.    

Stay tuned for more updates

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Our Town Hall is moving to a new location!



Building Dept


CLICK HERE to download the new, REVISED 2018 Garbage and Recycling schedule.

As you know, pick-ups are now automated. Please use the new County Waste carts. These containers (known as TOTES) have been delivered to each family in the Refuse District.

Keep all containers at curbside, not in the road, and remove them the same day.

PLEASE NOTE: The cart with the BLACK LID is for Trash. The cart with the GREEN LIDis for ALL YOUR RECYCLABLES.

For more information about the new Single Stream Recycling program, CLICK HERE or visit www.simplegreenlids.com.

Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a friendly reminder that a Pooper Scooper Law is in effect. Tickets will be issued!


CLICK HERE to download advice on preventative measures for keeping black bears away, what to do when you encounter a black bear, how to report bears going into trash bins and the Woodbury Police phone.