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Supervisor Burke 2  

Thomas J. Burke
Town Supervisor

phone icon (845) 928-7578
fax icon (845) 928-8214
email icon Email
map icon 615 Route 32
    P.O. Box 1004
    Highland Mills, NY 10930         


Eileen Sutherland
Sr. Account Clerk

Laura Morrissey
Account Clerk

Lena I. Baroutjian
Account Clerk

Maxine C. Saracino
Account Clerk

  Clara Rivera
Account Clerk and Refuse/Recycling


Office Hours

Monday- Friday
8am - 4pm

The Town Supervisor serves as both the Chief Fiscal Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the town. As Chief Fiscal Officer, the Supervisor must maintain a complete, accurate accounting of all money spent and received by the town in a manner and form prescribed by the State Comptroller. The Supervisor must render to the Town Board at the end of each month a detailed statement of all money received and disbursed, and file a copy of the report in the office of the Town Clerk. An annual financial report must also be submitted to the NYS Comptroller's Office within 60 days of the close of the prior fiscal year. All accounting and payroll functions are performed in the Office of the Supervisor.

As Chief Executive Officer, the Supervisor presides over all Town Board Meetings. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm at the Woodbury Town Hall, 615 Route 32, in Highland Mills. Worksession meetings are held @ 7pm before the Town Board Meetings.

The Supervisor has one vote as part of the five member legislative body. He is also the town's Budget Officer, responsible for compiling the town's annual operating budget. The position of Supervisor is elected and carries a two year term.